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AART days 2019 15 H

Two days of true team spirit

Each year, we strive to gather all our team members across Scandinavia for two community-creating days. Get a sneak peek at our latest AART Days.

AART Days 2019

In the summer of 2019, we gathered all our 150 team members at Aarhus International Sailing Center at the tip of Aarhus Ø. There, we enjoyed two community-creating days where we socialised, listened to lectures and put on our running shoes to explore the tracks in the forests north of Aarhus.

AART days 2019 10 H

A lot of small talking

First and foremost, the days were about getting together outside our usual work day. We thus made sure to make space not only for inspiring lectures, but also for lots of small talk over cups of coffee, at the dinner table, on the roof terrace, etc., so we could catch up with each other and what we were doing. Because it is the small talk that knits us together as people and as a practice.

AART days 2019 07 H
AART days 2019 06 H

Exploring the impact of architecture

We never meet without sharing our vision to redefine architecture. This also applied for our AART Days at Aarhus International Sail Sport Center, where we – true to our vision – explored the impact of architecture. To do this, we invited three keynote speakers far from the architectural field, namely a social network researcher, a sustainable change maker and the founder of Blaffernationen, with the aim to challenge the traditional aesthetical notion of architecture.

AART days 2019 02 H

Exploring the tracks north of Aarhus

We always strive to keep in shape, not only professionally, but also physically. As part of our AART Days, we therefore tied our running shoes and explored the tracks in the forests north of Aarhus – and in addition to testing our own stamina, it was also a great way to be recharge and feel the team spirit.

AART days 2019 13 H

We have gathered 20 stories exploring the last 20 years of our practice.

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