Vi rådgiver om space-planning målrettet moderne organisationers visioner og arbejdsflow.

We immerse ourselves in the world of our clients

In our work with space-planning, context is essential - both physically in the building and in the identity, organisation and workflows of the company. We uncover the building’s potential and utilise it to transform and improve the ways in which people work, collaborate and connect across the workplace. We take an immersive approach to understanding the world of our clients, because understanding their values and workflows is the key to a successful result - a result that we base on high-quality solutions anchored in Scandinavian architecture.

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Vi arbejder indlevende med at forstå vores kunders verden, da forståelsen for deres værdier og workflow er vejen til et succesfuldt resultat.
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We draw on a wide range of competences

Space-planning is a natural extension of our work with construction, transformation and inventory design. This means that we’re able to draw on a wide range of competences, allowing us to solve any task, from design of buildings to design of custom inventory. We carry out assignments in extension of our own projects and for clients with existing properties that require revitalisation and new inventory. In addition, we have strong planning and process tools for handling organisational analyses and employee engagement in change processes.

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  • Kasper Corfitsen Guldbrandt
    Teamleader / Architect MAA
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  • Rikke Ranch Høgstrup
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  • Anette Bjerring Gammelgård
    Manager of space planning / Architect MAA
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  • Christian Holtegaard
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