Healthy and stimulating learning conditions

We have a wealth of experience in creating healthy and stimulating frameworks for the education of children, young people and adults alike, spanning the design of primary and secondary schools to vocational schools and adult education centres all across Scandinavia. The breadth and depth of our technical expertise enables to bring buildings and rooms into play to support pedagogical principles and stimulate playing and learning. Among other things, we do this by actively working with acoustics, daylight and materials, because a healthy indoor environment is an essential condition for learning.

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Long lasting learning environments

Sustainability is always a priority when we develop healthy and stimulating learning environments. We therefore focus on unifying learning and landscape, just as we integrate environmental solutions as an active part of learning environments - indoors and outdoors. This makes it possible to create holistic ecosystems for learning that change according to the day and year. In the long term, learning environments must be capable of adapting to changes in demographics and pedagogical principles. One of our foremost tasks is therefore to create long-lasting architecture that can be altered over time, without compromising the environmental or financial bottom line.

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