A cultural catalyst for urban development

Architecture for culture is part of our AART DNA - from our first winning project back in 2003, Sletten in Ry, which was nominated for the Mies van der Rohe Award, to our most recent cultural flagship, the Viking Age Museum in Oslo. Throughout the years, we have created a wide array of cultural developments across Scandinavia. We have designed and transformed museums, libraries, concert halls, outdoor centres and community centres. Common to all our projects is an in-depth understanding of our clients’ visions, allowing us together to employ architecture as a cultural catalyst for developing cities and society.

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Modern and diverse cultural life

Culture is about connecting people. It’s about strengthening social cohesiveness in cities and society, and that’s why communities come before all else when we design and transform cultural developments. In our work, we strive to promote a modern and diverse cultural life that brings together not only distinct functions but also people across age and social divides. We do so with an in-depth understanding of the history and potential of a place, so that the architecture harmonically inscribes itself in its surroundings while simultaneously providing contrast and character.

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