Waterfront Cultural Centre

Our proposal for the Waterfront Cultural Centre provides new perspectives on creating a landmark of international class – a landmark that puts itself in the same context as its iconic neighbours, the Royal Danish Opera House and the Royal Danish Playhouse, and has the potential to become a new recreational gathering place for both citizens of and visitors to Copenhagen.
The overall vision for the proposal is to further develop Copenhagen as a modern city of culture with a diverse city life. Therefore, the finished design relates partly to the surrounding city, which appearance demands world-class aesthetics, and partly to Danish water culture, which the proposal has adopted into its story.
Danish water culture can be defined as the drizzle of rain, ocean waves and sea spray, and lively waterfronts filled with activity. Therefore, the silhouette of the building portraits a cloud floating over a completely open ground floor, releasing its rain by waterslides and shielding curtains of water into the pool area that seem to continue all the way into the ocean. In this way, ‘the cloud’ becomes a space-defining element that elevates visitors’ experience of interacting with nature. 
Inside the cloud, there are several platforms and rooms that contain fitness, business and event areas along with a wellness area where visitors can relax and enjoy the magnificent view of both the city and the Royal Danish Playhouse. Other rooms incorporate the garden environment into the building, thereby creating a harmonic relationship drawing together water, fauna and city.
Outside, the many pools invite visitors to engage in summerlike vacation activities or winter bathing, while a huge water mirror creates a unique reflection of the building that highlights its maritime affiliation and sends people daydreaming about the view from a boat on a calm, sunny day.
The building’s ability to create a floating transition between inside and outside – almost redefining both concepts – brilliantly embraces and displays the four seasons of the year along with the local culture. This will inspire a broad audience to make use of the many possibilities the new Waterfront Cultural Centre creates, and establish the city area, Papirøen (The Paper Island), as one of Copenhagen’s cultural nerves.

This is a highly professional proposal. The jury believes that there are many qualities in the design dogmas of the project.
Extract from the jury report