The Victoria School

An interactive learning environment that improves the students’ community spirit and excites their curiosity and desire to learn. This is the essence of the new Victoria School in Skara, Sweden, which includes includes a 9400 sq m lower secondary school and a 49 acre green park. In order to develop an interactive learning environment, a wide range of eco-friendly and interactive learning resources are implemented across the school, including touchscreens in the community squares and small weather stations in the park to encourage students to measure the building’s energy consumption and local climate data.
An indoor mini zoo, a science garden and several outdoor teaching areas will further improve the students’ creative and biological studies by providing opportunities for active and deep level learning experiences. In this way, the school is designed as an interactive learning environment, which also manifests itself in the sensuous and pedagogical floors, walls and furniture that are designed to be included in the daily schooling. In addition, the spatial and social qualities are being expressed in the cavernous atrium and central community square, forming the social focal point of the school.
With its media centre, café, scene and close contact with the park, the central community square creates a vibrant base where students will be able to meet and socialise, interact with their teachers, take a break from study, and develop common traditions such as student concerts or theatrical performances.

"Drawing on their growing experience in the education sector, AART architects has introduced a number of creative, interactive learning resources across the school."
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