Vestmyra Public School

Vestmyra Public School (in Norwegiean, 'Vestmyra Skole') is located in Vestmyra in Northern Norway. Surrounded by mountains and fjords, it consists of a rebuilding of the existing elementary school (1st through 4th grades) and the addition of a new middle school (5th through 10th grade) with the corresponding administration, classrooms, special education facilities, and gym.
The school is designed as a learning environment divided into zones. The individual class levels and classrooms are connected to the school’s central assembly room like two spokes of a wheel that extend out toward a green activity park. The assembly room is the heart of the school. It is connected to the two spokes by a street that constitutes the main traffic artery of the school.
Being the central common areas of the school, the street and the assembly room are characterized by an obvious transparency with great openness across all floors and functions; the window facades and the skylights cause the daylight and the surroundings to penetrate deep into the school. Thus, daylight is a consistent theme in the school where the window facades in the assembly room, along with the composition of shifted building wings, create a bright and stimulating learning environment.