Vendsyssel Hospital

The new link building and medical ward building for Vendsyssel Hospital exploit the way in which architectural solutions in terms of space, colour and lighting can create a better environment for patients, relatives and staff. The new building complex therefore creates a stimulating and exciting space by expressing a variable architecture with a strong presence that provides a feeling of intimacy.
The harmonious and elegant extension adds beautifully to the existing Vendsyssel Hospital, and the new building construction continues and reinforces the existing building’s qualities by allowing the new and old buildings to interact in terms of direction and scale. The material reflects the extension of the oldest red brick buildings, but also adds a new idiom and a reworking of the materials. 
Between the two characteristic building structures extends a transverse section of roof, which unites the old and the new architecture by acting as a link building between the new ward building and the existing buildings. The link building is arranged as an open, double-height space with high glass sections, creating a close relationship to the green outdoor areas between the buildings. 
The link building therefore constitutes the setting for a calm space filled with intimacy, where thoughts are directed away from the traditional clinical hospital, as patients can enjoy the nature and daylight. The transverse roof section shields against the sun to the south and also supports the recreational dimension by increasing the width of the link building visually and making it possible for patients to spend time in a sheltered outdoor area. 

”The main design appears simple and elegant as a homogeneous building structure. The ward building’s layout is exemplary, with wonderfully arranged living areas and efficient service functions for the staff.”
Jury report / The North Denmark Region