The University Town

The development plan paves the way for new prospects, which will transform Aarhus Municipal Hospital into a new campus for Aarhus University named the University Town (Universitetsbyen in Danish). With the new campus Aarhus University will interact with urban life and the business community in new ways. In addition, the campus will become one of the most characterful built environments in Denmark with a unique homogeneity in terms of geometry and materials.
The new campus and its integration with the city will renew and enhance the original qualities of the site. The development plan also upholds the site’s historical potential by paving the way for new prospects to create a forward-looking transformation of this unique spot in the heart of Aarhus. This transformation will preserve the best of the past in interaction with the academic and urban life of tomorrow. There will be brand new opportunities for research, business, housing, cafés and experiences in attractive harmony with the University Park and the surrounding city.
The development plan is based on four principles: to reinforce the historic potential of the site; to connect it to the city that surrounds it; to generate interaction with modern ways of life; and to encapsulate it in an enduring layout. Together, the four principles will pave the way for the exchange between the city and the university, the city being coloured by the university and vice versa. The whole objective is to enrich the story of Aarhus – on both the national and international level – as a vibrant, attractive university city for the benefit of students, researchers, citizens and companies.

In architectural terms, it will come across as one of Denmark’s most significant urban areas.
Tom Nielsen / Jury member and professor at Aarhus School of Architecture