Tordenskiold Brygge

Designed as a hybrid between a classic block and a terraced landscape, Tordenskiold Brygge provides a setting for recreational life in the centre of Fredrikstad, Norway. Located along the river, this building, which provides residential and commercial space, enhances the view of the surroundings and adds new layers to the city. The building’s design reinterprets the classic block, with one floor facing the river rising to a seven-story urban structure facing Kråkerøybrua, which is one of the city's transportation hubs.
The compact profile facing Kråkerøybrua minimises traffic noise from the bridge, while the roof gardens and terraces facing the river bring the building to the level of the city life taking place along the promenade. In addition, the sloping structure blends with its surroundings by giving the courtyard and roof gardens views of the promenade while maximising the number of apartments with views of the river.
With its wealth of outdoor spaces, Tordenskiold Brygge serves as an oasis in the heart of the city. This oasis has its own character because the outdoor spaces are linked together by a terraced landscape of roof gardens, rising from the promenade to four floors facing Tordenskioldsgata and seven floors facing Kråkerøybrua. This landscape of outdoor spaces winds around the building and binds it together in a distinctive, architectural manner.
To maximise flexibility, the apartments are laid out as modules, which can be combined horizontally and vertically as needed. In addition, the upper apartments along the river are designed as exclusive penthouses with sloping roofs that create varied spaces with high ceilings and great views of the city. To encourage a vibrant city life, the ground floor offers space for commercial units including cafes and shops, which open towards the city.