Sun-Air HQ

The new headquarters in Billund is part of a major plan to revitalise the Sun-Air brand, paving the way for a generational change in this family-owned, Scandinavian airline. By making Sun-Air’s history visible and by bringing together the administrative operations and the subsidiary, JoinJet under one roof, the headquarters will play an important role in the airline’s transformation process.
The main design statement consists of a transparent, four-storey structure. An extensive roof surface encases the headquarters, unifying the four storeys in a simple, but expressive gesture. Clad in aluminium, the roof harmonises perfectly with the adjacent hangar buildings. This interaction with its environment is also expressed in the shape of the roof. The offset, triangular lines offer a new take on the hangar motif.
With its transparent façade, clad with perforated aluminium sheets, the headquarters exudes openness, making both customers and staff immediately welcome. At night, the perforations create a vibrant play of light on the façade. In summer they also serve as shade from the sun. Meanwhile, in winter, when the sun is low in the sky, they create a diffuse, glare-free light.
Inside, the headquarters opens up into an office landscape, constructed around a central staircase and elevator core, which both physically and visually connects the various floors. The ground floor comprises a lobby area with a reception desk and an exhibition area, which presents the history of Sun-Air. The remaining floors house a combination of spacious open-plan offices and smaller cellular offices. This variety of workspaces provides space for both collaboration and contemplation, encouraging knowledge sharing and communication across the organisation.