SUN-AIR Aviation Group HQ

An open and iconic head office

Billund, Denmark
SUN-AIR Aviation Group
1,.000 m2
Completed in 2018
Private assignment in 2015
Turnkey contractor
Ove Larsen
Sun Air HQ AART 09 Low

The sky and hangar has inspired the design of SUN-AIR Aviation Group’s new head office in Billund Airport. The result is an open and iconic head office for the Danish family-owned airline.

Adds a strong signature to the airport landscape

SUN-AIR Aviation Group operates at high altitudes, so why not bring the sky down to the ground level in their organisation? It was that idea which formed the basis for the design of the new head office, which is inspired by the sky and creates an open layout for the organisation within the building while adding a strong signature to the airport landscape. The design is simple yet expressive at the same time. For example, the head office is framed by a large aluminum roof, enveloping the five storeys and creating an interpretation of the surrounding hangars with its form and staggered lines.

Sun Air HQ AART 15 Low

A reflection of life in the sky

The perforated facade with cloud formations draws references to SUN-AIR Aviation Group’s airline operations. The perforated facade has also been designed so that it provides shade in the summer months while in the winter, when the sun is low in the sky, it results in a diffuse, non-glaring natural light in the office spaces. The design of the head office thus revolves around the idea of a healthy, stimulating work environment which goes hand-in-hand with the idea of establishing SUN-AIR Aviation Group’s presence in the surrounding airport landscape.

Sun Air HQ AART 06 Low

Framing an open and modern organisation

The new head office marks the achievement of SUN-AIR Aviation Group’s longstanding desire to bring together all its administrative staff in Billund at a single location, as an open and modern organisation with close interaction between the various departments. On the inside, the head office has the layout of an open office environment, where a central staircase connects the five floors while glass walls create visual contact on each floor. The ground floor has a lobby and an area exhibiting the airline’s history, while the upper floors form a frame around open office areas combined with smaller enclosed offices.

Sun Air HQ AART 08 Low
We are already seeing the benefits of being gathered under the same roof. It creates synergies and encourages cooperation. At the same time, we’ve gotten a view over the approach to the airport, which creates a really special atmosphere for our employees and visitors.
Kristoffer Sundberg / CEO at SUN-AIR Aviation Group
Sun Air HQ AART 13 Low

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