Shopping plaza

Shops, offices, apartments, city nature and a play path – these will be the main elements of Billund’s new shopping plaza, which together with the rest of the city centre will frame an attractive shopping experience and make working and everyday life exciting for everyone.
The new shopping plaza (‘Bytorvet’ in Danish) will contribute to making the city centre a natural gathering place for residents and visitors, right next to the LEGO House. It is expected to be completed in 2020 and is planned to provide the setting for six buildings, which together will combine approximately 4,500 sq m of shops and office facilities with 20 owner-occupied and rental apartments. Supporting the city’s special status as the Capital of Children, where play, learning and creativity are the focal point, a green cityscape will emerge between the buildings with a creative play path, the Playline, and an extension of Billund brook, rising near the LEGO House, as the main recreational elements.
On the ground floor, the plaza will include a wide range of shops, which together with the rest of the city centre will create brand new opportunities for a diverse range of attractive shopping experiences. In addition to the shops and office facilities, the plaza will provide space for six owner-occupied and 14 rental apartments on the upper floors of the buildings. The apartments will vary in size, ranging from 95 to 160 sq m. In addition, the plaza will provide access to parking facilities above ground and underground.