The School by the Lakes

The vision behind the expansion and reshaping of the School by the Lakes (in Danish, Skolen ved Søerne) at Frederiksberg in Copenhagen is to frame an attractive youth and learnng environment and create a school building that interacts with the surrounding cityscape and supports the contextual transition from the blocks along Vodroffsvej to the villas along St. George’s Lake.
Based on the field of tension between new and old, the proposal connects the existing school building and the new extension in a distinctive gesture. The expansion is thus built around a community square that by being situated on the dividing line between the new and existing part of the school serves as the school’s inclusive heart and combines the school into a social and functional whole.
In order to create cohesion, the outdoor areas are interlinked by a dynamic path that rises from the existing schoolyard to the new elevated schoolyard and further up along the thematic terraces to the school’s top floor. In a dynamic flow that starts way down in the existing schoolyard and ends at the top floor, the outdoor area twines round the new extension. In this way, the proposal creates a distinctive and dynamic learning environment that provides space for various activities and merges the boundary between indoor and outdoor spaces.

“The winning proposal is well organized and creates a functional connection between the new and the existing school building. Form and function intertwine, by which the new expansion obtains a distinctive modern expression, reflecting the youth environment of a lower secondary school.”
Jury report / Frederiksberg Municipality