The School at Duevej

The extension of the School at Duevej (‘Skolen på Duevej’ in Danish) meets Frederiksberg Municipality’s ambitions to create a public school that will be an asset not only for the pupils but the whole community. Thus, the extension adds new features and experiences to the school based on the idea of creating a close interaction with local associations and leisure activities.
To open the school to the surroundings, the schoolyard will be transformed into a green oasis in the centre of Frederiksberg with shady tree crowns and a wide range of activity zones. A green landscape winds along the schoolyard, encircling the many activity zones, which invites children in the neighbourhood to play and do different kinds of sports.
In a continuation of this, the extension has been designed as a light and bright building with large window sections and green roof gardens. With its large openings, the extension exposes the life of the school and the many activities within it to its surroundings – not least because the ground floor has an extensive glass facade, which gives a direct view into the multi-purpose sports hall and further into the schoolyard.
There are two upper floors on top of the ground floor. Covered in expanded metal, the floors appear as a modern architectural element in the cityscape. With their rectangular shape, varying windows and asymmetrical roof pitch, the floors are adapted to the existing historical school building. In addition, several sustainable solutions will be implemented in the building design, with a view to meeting the Danish DGNB certification.