Scandinavian Center Aarhus

From business to youth housing

Aarhus, Denmark
11,000 m2
Private assignment in 2016
Completed in 2018
Scandinavian Center Ungdomsboliger Aarhus AART 3

The conversion of Scandinavian Center Aarhus paves the way for new approaches on how to develop attractive housing in the centre of Aarhus, specifically by converting the convention centre’s former commercial tenancy to youth residences suited for cohabitation.

Breathing new life into the area

Aarhus continues to attract more young people in need of a place to live as they embark on their journey through higher education. Furthermore, with a location close to the city’s café areas and nightlife, Scandinavian Center Aarhus is an attractive address for students. The convention centre never became the success that the city had hoped it would be, and its transformation into youth residences suited for cohabitation is therefore expected to breathe new life into the area.

Scandinavian Center Ungdomsboliger Aarhus AART 2

Brightness, space and light art

The conversion entails the creation of 133 dwellings ranging from 60 to 120 sqm and amounting to 11,000 sqm in total. Brightness and space have been high priorities in the design of the residences, all of which come with their own balconies. The entryway to the residences runs through an external gallery encircling an inner courtyard that is perfect for social gatherings and which features integrated light art in the evenings.

Scandinavian Center Ungdomsboliger Aarhus AART 1
AART has played a key role in the transformation of Scandinavian Center Aarhus. With an understanding of the complex linkages inherent in working with existing prefabricated construction, AART has entered the project organisation as a constructive partner with a high level of technical expertise.
Brian Popp / Head of Department for Renovation at CASA
Scandinavian Center Ungdomsboliger Aarhus AART 4

Want to know more?

Mikkel Seier Christoffersen
Associated Partner / Manager of AART Transformation / Constructing Architect / Architect MAA
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