Psychiatry cluster

The psychiatry cluster gathers psychiatry in central and western Jutland, both geographically and across adult, child and adolescent psychiatry. The group comprises wards, outpatient treatment, office spaces and common areas and enables a coherent course of treatment between psychiatry and somatic care as an integral part of the new hospital in Gødstrup.
The psychiatry cluster supports the idea of a collected hospital, where the various clinical specialties work closely together in an integrated treatment environment. The treatment environment creates efficient flows between psychiatric and somatic care within the framework of a rational building structure that allows for great flexibility and elasticity in relation to the clinical treatment environment.
The idea of a collected hospital is reflected in the architecture, where the clear, orthogonal structure of the general hospital is extended, albeit in a scaled-down format suited to the psychiatric function. The design takes basis in a porous main structure, where the architectural concept stems from the distinctive landscape of the area and provides space for 14 courtyards. The design of the general hospital is based on the same concept, where the focus is on spaciousness and horizontality.
The psychiatry cluster thereby forms part of an architectural whole, while the outer and inner surroundings provide a safe treatment environment, where the particular needs and circumstances of the psychiatric specialties are taken into account from a total perspective and down to the smallest detail. Light and transparency are key in the design of the cluster, with its bright interior and constant contact with the outdoor areas, distinguishing it from traditional psychiatric treatment environments where dark, labyrinthine corridors often characterise the experience.