Primo Bryn

Becomes a part of the city

Oslo, Norway
Bertel O. Steen Eiendom
47,700 sqm
Under development
Primo Bryn AART Low

The plot is located in Bryn, Oslo. The district is bounded by Tvetenveien, E6/Ring 3 and Nils Hansens vei, and is today an industrial area characterized by single buildings and large paved surfaces. One of the challenges with the plot is that it is long, narrow and has a large slope.

Historically, the district was a part of Bryn Farm and Teisen Farm. During the 1800s, four of Christiania's largest brickworks were established in the area, and Bryn Train Station was used as a logistics line. The project consists of three office buildings located on a base that handles the large terrain drop on the site. The base floors are designed in concrete and houses Bertel O. Steen's new car complex with access from the south side of the plot. The office buildigs have access from the north and differ in terms of expression from the base as the facades are designed in brick.

Primo Bryn AART Low 3

The municipality's desire for a green axis and more pedestrian, bicycle and road connections through the area has guided the design of the office volumes. Due to the level difference, the slope ratio and property boundaries, the axis is placed as a diagonal through the plot. A unifying square will be established on the client's property. The goal has been to create a place that eventually becomes a part of a city, and not a car complex. By thinking of the city, the buildings will be able to change over time, and be used for other functions.

Primo Bryn AART Low 4
Our ambition is to create a modern car system in line with the municipality’s expectations for the urban development of the land and Bryn as a district. In addition to a larger office volumes and probably also housing.
Øivind Solbakken / CEO Bertel O. Steen Eiendom.

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