Pop-train carriages

The pop-train carriages show how temporary architecture can inject renewed life into a desolated industrial area and give the city of Aarhus a creative spark.
With the ambition of injecting renewed life into a desolated industrial area at the edge of Aarhus city centre, we have exposed the old railways and designed pop-up train carriages. For the remainder of 2017, they will provide the setting for a wide array of activities, ranging from a single-room hotel, to a public greenhouse and boutiques for lifestyle brands and even polling booths for the upcoming local elections.
Like any other city, Aarhus is affected by increasing urbanization. The city is growing intensively, which is also giving rise to an increasing transformation of former industrial areas into residential areas. However, the timespan between the political decisions and the completed transformations are often long – so, why not use this timespan productively and make the best of the areas while they are being transformed?
Working with the local-based, non-profit organization Givisme, we have set out to do exactly this. Together we have taken a creative grip on one industrial area that is planned to be transformed into a residential area, but in the intervening period feels desolated. By designing a wide range of pop-up train carriages, we have shown how temporary architecture can provide new perspectives on a community-based and citizen-involving urban development.

We came up with the design for the train carriages, but citizens from across the city helped build them. Citizens from different age groups and background worked together, adding a community-making aspect to the building process.
Anders Strange / Partner at AART architects