Pioneer Museum

The purpose of the concept project is to revitalize Esbjerg Museum, so that the museum acts as a modern cultural and learning centre that presents new perspectives on Esbjerg's history and appeals to new groups of visitors. The ambition is thus to redefine the museum's role and profile in the city by making its architecture, interior design and exhibitions inspiring and relevant for children, youths and adults.
The concept project rethinks Esbjerg Museum by reaching back and rediscovering Esbjerg's unique history as a pioneer town. The future museum will therefore be named "Pioneer Museum Esbjerg" and will include themes from the cultural history of the modern city, such as The Pioneer City Esbjerg, Esbjerg Future Lab, Esbjerg before Esbjerg and the period of the WWII occupation with an archive, exhibition and a learning centre for the Holocaust.
Emphasis has been placed on ensuring that the museum appeals to both the senses and the emotions. For example, new forms of communication will allow visitors to immerse themselves in the history of the city in new ways. This will be achieved through, among other things, interactive exhibits where visitors can learn about Esbjerg's history through play, while a new interactive façade will mark the museum as a modern and distinctive cultural institution in the city-scape.