Multistorey car park with a heliport

Ensuring safe and efficient logistics

Aarhus, Denmark
Central Denmark Region
Winning proposal in public-private partnership competition in 2015
Completed in 2017
Apcoa Parkering Danmark
Parkeringshus med heliport Aarhus AART CASA 2

The multistorey car park at the New University Hospital in Aarhus contains 700 parking spaces as well as a heliport for ambulance helicopters as well as the Danish Armed Forces’ larger helicopters on the roof, allowing patients to be transported from a helicopter to the operating table in just 90 seconds.

Transporting patients to the operating table in record time

The design of the multistorey car park prioritises ensuring safe logistics to and from the hospital for pedestrians and motorists alike. This is demonstrated on several levels. For instance, the flow of vehicle traffic only goes one way to make space for a pedestrian zone on each side of the roadway, while extra broad ramps increase safety, clarity and manoeuvring room for motorists. Additionally, acute patients arriving by helicopter can be efficiently transported to the operating table in record time thanks to the building’s high-speed elevator.

Parkeringshus med heliport Aarhus AART CASA 3

Adapted to the rest of the hospital

Daylight, visibility and interaction with its surroundings have also been key design considerations. With a rational structure, the multistorey car park is adapted to the rest of the hospital in terms of its form and facade. The brick base closely resembles that of the hospital, while the upper floors are clad in light, anodised aluminium plates. The angling of the plates varies in accordance with the facade, creating a dynamic appearance that unconsciously draws the eyes towards the entrances to the car park. This dynamic appearance is further accentuated by the window sections, which break up the plates and help the car park appear bright and inviting.

Parkeringshus med heliport Aarhus AART CASA 1

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