Örebo University Hospital

The expansion of Örebo University Hospital is characterised partly by an urban context and partly by the creation of healing and highly specialised conditions for both patients and staff. As well as wards, operating theatres and specialist same-day surgery services distributed throughout the new building, there are also a new lobby and main entrance, which face Södra Grev Rosengatan.
The expansion of Örebo University Hospital is a fine balance between the hospital's existing buildings and the surrounding, lower brick buildings. In order to create a smooth transition between the city and the hospital, the expansion includes an open reception square, which creates a safe and welcoming setting for visitors.
This comfortable and welcoming reception context is enhanced by the layout of the new expansion, in which three staggered, L-shaped buildings scale down the existing building structure, create optimal daylight and pleasant views, and provide space for green courtyards facing Södra Grev Rosengatan. This invests the expansion with a comb-like structure, which, externally, gives the surroundings a recreational quality, while internally creating a healthy and safe environment for the patients.
The comb-like structure also helps to optimise the staff’s working procedures. Manageable spatial sequences, short transport routes and logical placement of central functions facilitate working relationships within and across departments. Meanwhile, patient and staff flows are separated, thus supporting an excellent and efficient working environment.