Ny Ingeborg

Ny Ingeborg has been developed in close cooperation with FDF Hvidovre and fulfils the organisation’s vision to create a 21st outdoor centre that acts as an eco-friendly framework for an eventful camp life for children and adolescents.
The 800 m2 activity and outdoor centre is located in the scenic landscape by Roskilde Fjord, which the building reflects and contrasts through its natural materials and its open, yet sharp-edged profile. Basically, the building rethinks the traditional wooden huts, which structure and materials reflect the surrounding landscape.
The sharp-edged design, the large panoramic windows and the characterful combinations of painted and untreated wooden sections create an inspiring and intriguing building, which by virtue of its materials expresses a robustness and, over time, a beautiful patina. The building also utilises the positive qualities of wood by paying close attention to the environment, the indoor climate and the acoustics.
In this way, the outdoor centre frames a sustainable and significant camp environment by using craftsmanship and high quality materials and combining energy, experience and functionality. Thus, the outdoor centre frames FDF as an active and eco-friendly outdoor organisation.
The outdoor area supports a wide range of outdoor activities. As part of this theme, an eight-meter high multi-tower has been constructed which features a climbing wall, a stage and a workshop. In addition, the tower has implemented a 50 m2 solar cell panel and a geothermal system, making the outdoor centre almost completely energy neutral.

“The Danish Foundation for Culture and Sports Facilities has decided to support the project because Ny Ingeborg has adopted an unconventional approach by implementing some major visions for future camps. The eco-friendly and energy-efficient multi-tower is an outstanding feature in itself, which the foundation would like to see established in other contexts.”
Torben Frølich, CEO / The Danish Foundation for Culture and Sports Facilities