Nunatakken has been designed as a multifunctional outdoor centre, located in the scenic, rolling landscape of Herlufmagle, Denmark. The name, which means ‘cliff’ in Greenlandic, was inspired by the glacial period’s shaping of the landscape and refers to the outdoor centre’s distinctive shape. As if the ice has just melted and the water has leaked into the nearby stream, the outdoor centre is shaped like a cliff that rises out of the ground. It has a 15-metre-high climbing wall, the top of which serves as a viewing platform, especially for bird watchers and stargazers.
The outdoor centre is an example of how a scout association and a municipality together with a number of other groups and independent users have been able to combine their needs together. It has been designed as a multifunctional building that creates an attractive venue for scouts, schools, day-care centres, an ornithological club, a climbing club, etc.
To meet the needs of different users, the outdoor centre’s functions have been divided into five areas in the shape of a star, integrating the outdoor centre naturally into the landscape. The star shape makes a strong architectural statement and provides an iconographic image of the site and the building, which can be used in the branding of the centre.
The central communal room, which has been named “The Star Room", frames the arrival and access to the other rooms. The name of the communal room explains itself when the users look up at the starry night sky through the large skylight. From the communal room, the other rooms stretch out towards the surrounding landscape. They include facilities for the scouts, offices, workshops and an outdoor, roofed "overnight stay exploratorium".