Neurorehabilitation Centre

The new neurorehabilitation centre is integrated in a strong, functional, cohesive unit with the existing Glostrup Hospital. It is intended to create a smooth patient journey with high-quality patient experiences, organisation and professional services. The centre offers 125 ward beds for rehabilitation of patients with severe brain injuries and spinal cord injuries. In addition, it has training facilities equipped with advanced rehabilitation technology, a training pool, and a multi-functional training hall as well as outpatient clinics and sections dedicated to research.
The centre has been designed based on the concept of a rehabilitation universe that combines state-of-the-art knowledge on healing architecture with highly specialised physical frameworks. Located to the west of the existing hospital, it is situated in green parkland -  and appears as two white buildings emerging from the countryside. The base anchors the centre in the park, and its structure ensures flexibility and elasticity for the services it provides.
In the middle of the centre, the base rises to a vertical central block that forms a framework around the centre's community. The base and central block house common functions. This is where the patient arrives. The central block, with its large glass areas providing views out over the park, functions as the centre's visual and organisational anchor point. From the central block there is easy access to all of the centre's floors and services.
Contact with the countryside is a common thread running through the design of the centre. It provides the patients, relatives and personnel unique contact with the nearby outside areas and with the recreational qualities of the surrounding parkland. All services thus have a relationship with green landscapes – either as views out over the park's large green areas or to more intimate, landscaped gardens in and around the building.