The Mushroom combines floor and ceiling into a single architectural concept, in which all functions are arranged around, and integrated into the core of the retreat. In this way, it conveys the essence of wooden architecture. Glass walls with sliding window sections discreetly shield the retreat's open space, so that the wooden architecture merges naturally with the surroundings, and indoors and outdoors become one, atmospheric spatiality. If required, white curtains can screen the space, either fully or partially.
Inspired by the scenic surroundings, the floor, ceiling and interior have been constructed out of pine planks. The close proximity to the countryside is also reflected in the very heart of the wooden retreat, where the toilet and bathroom are clad with natural stone. The central "super furniture", which constitutes the core, contains built-in storage space, beds, lofts, kitchen work surface, dining table and a fireplace. The design philosophy behind Mushroom is to strip wooden architecture down to its essence so that you need just the right amount of shapes and functions to convey what you need to convey.