Multi-purpose hall for homeless men

Vildbjerg, Denmark
Møltrup Optagelseshjem
1,500 sqm
Winning proposal in competition in 2019
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With the extension of Møltrup, the ambition is to create a multi-purpose hall with a wide range of recreational activities, that will give the 'homeless' residents of the house the courage and the surplus of mental resources to return to society.

An unusual manor

Just outside Herning in western Jutland, a whitewashed manor from the 18th century lies. The place is called Møltrup and today it is a home for homeless men of all ages who wish to leave alchohol and drugs behind them - and to help run the manor is a natural part of everyday life. To embrace everyday life in the manor, we have developed a process and concept progess. The purpose of the progress is to expand the house with a new multi-purpose hall that will give those residents, who are still not ready to return to society, new opportunities for recreational activities.

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Spare time is the whole focal point of the multi-purpose hall, where residents can engage in culteral and sports activities on a safe home turf, iin close interaction with the surrounding local community.
Mikkel Seier Christoffersen / Head of Transformation AART

An open and versatile mind

With the multi-purpose hall, the goal is to expand the manor with a new building. This will be a natural extension to the existing, classic building-structure, so that the multi-purpose hall is inscribed in the manor's long history and purpose today. Simultaneously, the multi-purpose hall must signal that something special is happening here. From a distance, it will therefore register as a natural part of the existing building, while it will open up as a versatile and transparent space in close contact with its surroundings.

AART Moltrup Optagelseshjem 02 low

During the project's development, we moved into the manor to experience the place on our own bodies and gain knowledge about its opportunities.

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Mikkel Seier Christoffersen
Associated Partner / Manager of AART Transformation / Constructing Architect / Architect MAA
+45 25 59 55 29