Infill project in central Oslo

Oslo, Norway
2,900 sqm
Completed 2019
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Møllerveien 4 is situated in the southern part of the Vulkan district in Oslo, a vibrant restaurant and night life are. It is shaped as an infill project where a remaining residential building from the 1930's is supplemented with a new extension that fulfils the district.

Marks the entrance to the Vulkan district

Next to the original building, there was previously an office-extension that will be teared down, to make space for the new restaurants in Vulkan. Above the restaurants, two floors with office spaces will be established. The end of the residential building will be extented with a nine storey residential tower that marks the entrance to the entire Vulkan district. A new staircase that surrounds the tower will replace the previous supporting wall and lead bypassers from Møllerveien in to Vulkan.

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Unites the district

The plot is surrounded by an older brick building that originates from industry along Akserselva. An important premis for the project is to shape the volumes, facades and material so that it harmonizes with these. Simultaneously, large parts of the building along Vulkan have modern feel such as facades in fiber-reinforced concrete and glass. Through the continuation of modern facade materials from Vulkan, and shaping a clear building volume that aligns with the older buildings - Møllerveien 4 unites the district.

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