Mediaspace delivers on Aarhus Municipality’s vision of creating a new meeting place for the entire city – a meeting place, where both residents and visitors can experience a multi-faceted media universe on the very site where Aarhus once emerged.
The great openness facing the city and the waterfront will give Mediaspace an overall sculptural shape, making the building inviting on every side. This overall shape will be translated into an open, inclusive building, in which the crystalline façade will embrace the inner media landscape. This means that Mediaspace will open up like a unified space under one huge roof, culminating in the arrival side facing the city and the large opening facing the waterfront.
The building will be a sculpture that is visible from all sides. It will fit in with both the large scale of the harbour and the small scale of the river. Similarly, the scale of the building will range from human to grandiose. There will be no back of the building with boring office façades, and no inactive ground floor with parking and shut-off features. It will simply be open and outward looking, facing both the city and the water. Every aspect aims at creating a new destination in Aarhus  a centre of knowledge and culture, where people of all ages will come together.