Maritime Education Centre

The maritime education centre (in Danish, Skagen Skipperskole) frames the future education of skippers and chief officers for the Danish fishing fleet and merchant marine. With its sculptural form and unique location on the harbour front of Skagen the building is designed as a landmark for maritime architecture and the education of skippers and chief officers in Denmark.
Because of its unique location on the harbour front of Skagen the building is designed as a “hinge” between the city and the harbour. The openness towards both the city and the harbour is reflected in its sharp sculptural form which in a maritime gesture communicates with the surrounding cityscape.
The design of the maritime education centre is based on the three elements the sea, the ship and the navigation which all are closely related to shipping. The maritime architecture is also being emphasised by the distinctive balcony which like a ship deck embraces the first floor and takes advantage of the magnificent sea view. In addition the maritime architecture is being emphasised by the facade which is covered with white glass surfaces creating a bright Nordic expression.
The building design ensures a healthy indoor climate without burdening the environment by integrating innovative technology with simple but effective solutions. For instance the large balcony on the first floor that is designed as passive solar screening by which it reduces the risk of superheating.

“The maritime education centre forms a significant transition between land and sea thanks to its vertical wall and light and pure facade. Although it is a quite large building it radiates a remarkable easiness, evoking memories of seafaring.”
Honorary award by Skagen Byfond