Kungälv Hospital

The basic vision of the project is to perpetuate the hospital's existing qualities, while creating a new, future-proof hospital, in which the patient is at the centre. This vision is reflected, for example, in the diverse heights and lengths of the new ward buildings, which create an elegant interplay with the existing hospital building. This both preserves and develops the character of the hospital. Together with the ward buildings, angled grouping enhances the hospital's relationship to its setting and scenic surroundings.
In parallel with the hospital's present connecting building, the project also includes a new connecting building, which provides efficient flow and easily negotiable routes for staff, patients and relatives. The new connecting building is also designed to meet patient and family needs in terms of both privacy and social contact.
This interaction between privacy and social contact is one of the project's main priorities. The aim is to offer patients and relatives varying degrees of social interaction: ranging from single-bed wards and secluded alcoves to open corridors and common dining rooms. The project also facilitates a wide range of activities in the green courtyard and the new lobby, where it is possible to organise exhibitions or other events. 
The new main entrance helps both to enhance the hospital's character and to provide a warm welcome for visitors and patients. The openness and choice of materials of the main entrance also create cohesion between the arrival area, the connecting building and the new ward buildings. This finds particular expression in the façades, on which perforated steel plates and a varied lattice structure create different degrees of transparency and variable natural light in the course of the day.

"The diverse heights and lengths of the new ward buildings create a convincing interplay with the existing hospital."
The jury report / Region Västra Götaland