Køge Kyst

Honours the life of the harbour

Køge, Denmark
Koge Kyst AART 2 Low

Our vision has been ambitious right from the beginning: to create a house that plays together with its enviroment, while standing out from the crowd at the same time. Located on Søndre Havn (South Harbour) between beach, nature, and harbour with a view of both modern houses and the old medival town, the location accommodates unique opportunities to create a house that honors the harbour and history.

Common ground

The ambition will be fulfilled with help from a thinkthank with experts in urban living and housing - including our own anthropologists - who have been giving input to the design of the house, especially with a focus on quality, sustainability, and community. This has given some unique insights that gives the project a common ground to build upon - which is reflected in the house itself. For example, the wish to retrieve the harbour's character is reflected in its warehouse-inspired architecture.

Koge Kyst AART 3 Low

Sustainability certified architecture

The house is designed to meet the demands of DGNB Gold.

A sense of community

The house is created so that it appears beautiful and simple with around 85 flats ranging from 50 to 130 sqm. This will create a sense of community within the building while also giving space for private life. This is reflected in the many common facilities, such as a large common roof top terrace, while the yard is organised with an orangeri and a variety of meeting areas. For example, the swallow passages have been deliberately made large enough so that they can also be used as living areas.

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