The IGLOO concept offers new possibilities in creating clearly defined workspaces in large open room environments. With its hybrid design, the concept can provide a framework for everything from meetings and study groups to individual immersion, while the integrated touchscreens make it possible to adapt the concept to the digital office and learning environments of the future.
The structure itself consists of prefabricated modules, which are easy to set up and take down. Each IGLOO is easy to move and adapt to a given large room. The concept is covered with foam covered with fabric on both the inside and outside to create dampened acoustics. The fabric comes in a wide variety of colours, making it possible to add a unique expression to each IGLOO matching the company or educational institution's distinctive profile.
From interior project to catalogue product
The IGLOO concept was originally developed in cooperation with VUC Syd for the education centre in Haderslev, Denmark. VUC Syd wanted to create a digital and differentiated learning environment where students could retreat from the open learning environment to a shielded dialogue room. Dialogue rooms that would provide a new experience in learning and cooperation.
In response, we developed the IGLOO concept – a room within the room built around a number of integrated touchscreens in the middle, so the students had the opportunity to present and discuss at eye level. The concept was quickly recognised by VUC Syd and was put in production and further developed into a series of dialogue rooms in cooperation with Spaces by Holmris. From an interior project at VUC Syd, the concept thus went on to be a catalogue product of Spaces by Holmris.