Hotel Scandic Aarhus City

Connects 150 years of city history

Aarhus, Denmark
A. Enggaard
18,000 sqm
Private assignment in 2010
Erected in 2012
Interior designer
Krook & Tjäder
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Hotel Scandic Aarhus connects 150 years of city history by integrating one of the city’s best-preserved facades as a charismatic architectural element. The hotel reflects the buildings of the city centre, while simultaneously adding a modern twist to the city. The bright façade elements lighten up the cityscape, while the earth toned colours connect the hotel to the surrounding buildings.

Conveys the city centre’s history

As a modern interpretation of the beautiful block buildings, the hotel carries on the city centre’s history, while still creating an area of tension between old and new in line in with its strict composition. An area of tension that is reflected in the historic façade on Østergade – preserved and integrated into the hotel itself. In this way, the hotel connects the city centre’s history with the modern hotel, restaurant, and business facilities in a space where visitors can experience the presence of history in a meeting between past and present.

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Withholds a wide array of facilities

With its 228 rooms, the hotel is one of the biggest hotels in Aarhus. It is organised as a five-storey building with a secluded penthouse storey. The ground floor is furnished with special-designed inventory and contains an open foyer and a wide array of facilities, including conference rooms, stores, and a restaurant. Additionally, an extensive glass façade that exposes the life, activity, and interior of the ground floor to the cityscape.

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Raises the level of sustainability

Last, but not least, the hotel has integrated several sustainable initiatives. For example, the solar cell panels on the roof produce 90 percent of the energy spent in the hotel rooms. With its fully-accessible conference area and its 22 handicap-friendly hotel rooms, the hotel is designed as one of Denmark’s most accessible hotels. And finally, the hotel is equipped with its own beehives on the roof, so that guests can enjoy a fresh taste of honey every day.

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