The Hospital Østfold Kalnes

The Hospital Østfold Kalnes (in Norwegian, Sykehuset Østfold Kalnes) located southeast of Oslo, Norway, includes four existing hospitals and a psychiatric care centre under one roof, focusing on offering specialised health care for the 300,000 people in the Østfold region in south-eastern Norway.
Designed to be one of the largest health-care facilities in Norway, the hospital brings to life the Norwegian government’s strategic plan to strengthen the national health-care system. The hospital thus sets a new standard for Norwegian hospital construction based on the concept of reducing the length of stays and optimising workflows. Covering 89,000 square metres, the building was constructed based on an advanced digital 3D model, which was used throughout the design and planning phase to create one of Norway’s most efficient hospitals. Thus, the hospital has a robust, compact layout, while offering optimal logistics and flexibility.
In addition, the Hospital Østfold Kalnes is the first hospital in Norway with en-suite bathrooms for all patients. From the private rooms, patients have beautiful views of the scenic surroundings. These views and the way in which the hospital adapts to the landscape has resulted in many people referring to the hospital as ‘bright prospects’. The close link between the architecture and the scenic surroundings supports the ambition of creating a healing, life-affirming treatment environment, providing comfortable surroundings for patients and hospital staff every day.
In 2014, the hospital’s design and planning process was acknowledged as the world's best, open BIM model. The hospital comprises the most extensive, complex digital construction project of its kind in Scandinavia, and the 3D model has been useful in many ways. For example, the process sped up when the model was implemented because the hospital’s employees could suddenly see the rooms they would work in and help develop the best possible design of the rooms.

"The new Hospital Østfold Kalnes will be more modern and future-oriented than any other hospital architecture project in Norway."
Just Ebbesen, CEO / The Hospital Østfold Kalnes