Horsens State School

The new science building is based on a clear concept that interacts with Horsens State School’s historic main building and marks the original gardens. Based on the geometries of the building complex the science building preserves the symmetries of the existing building complex. The science building thus reflects the context, which is enhanced by the curved carvings that open the science building towards the main building and the scenic gardens.
In order to fulfil Horsens State School’s vision the science building is organised in two floors by which the building provides the best possible synergy between the subjects and maximum outdoor space for the scenic gardens. The science building is thus designed as a compact volume with a double high common room which opens the building on the outside and on the inside. A staircase is integrated as a sculptural element at the centre of the common room. The staircase is visible from the entrance and is designed as a vital place in the building, which in this way will ooze of life, learning and science.
The openness is also reflected in the exterior of the building. Towards south the building extends towards the scenic gardens while towards north it opens towards the main building. In addition, its simple and tight brick architecture reflects the main building. The choice of yellow bricks expresses the same honesty and simplicity as the functionalistic main building. However, at the same time the brick façade gives the science building a distinctive character as the curved carving on the arrival facade challenges the traditional use and expressions in terms of brick architecture.

"The proposal represents the most clear, architectural icon value. The proposal expresses a clear identity: This is where science live."
The jury report / Horsens State School