The Horizon

The new housing project at Nordhavnen, the north port of Copenhagen, is based on a vision to connect the city with the water. With its publicly accessible ground floor, the Horizon draws the city life to the water front, while the extensive balconies open up 360 degree to the neighbourhood – exactly harmonized with the city on one side and the water on the other side.
With its aesthetic appearance that addresses the neighbouring environment, the project proposal brings about a relation to the inner north port. The serrated facade facing the city is shaped after the city’s raw character, while the pure horizontal lines of the facade facing the water correspond with the warehouses and the water. In this way, the building is experienced from all sides as an extension of its contrasting context, and it inserts itself a natural part of the story of the local area.
The architecture invites to a social get-together between visitors and residents because of the open ground floor with public as well as private spheres. Here, the public passage through the building down to the waterfront is incorporated by leading the green loop into the courtyard and further ahead on the other side. This creates a natural flow in the transition from city to water.
On top of the ground floor hovers the light building consisting of bright and spacious apartments which extend onto large terraces. Thus, the apartments fulfil the dream of a life near the water. The terraces also act as a passive sun shield, and on the ground floor, they create roofed public areas, where café guests can enjoy the view of the water while being shielded from the sun. The proposal is drawn up to strengthen the social interaction between residents and visitors – out where the city meets the water.