The Hindsgavl Nature Centre

The Hindsgavl Nature Centre has been designed as a sustainable outdoor centre that conveys the natural and cultural history of the Hindsgavl Deer Park, including the Hindsgavl Castle. In addition to teaching, exhibition and office functions, the wooden building houses a number of facilities for scouts, school children and other visitors who enjoy the outdoor life.
The wooden building is designed as a passive house and an inspiring site for a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities. The design of the wooden building supports the outdoor life in all kinds of weather, all hours of the day. For instance, the wooden building has a vantage point on the roof which is covered with vegetation and grass, planted over a waterproofing membrane.
From the vantage point visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of the scenic surroundings. The building design thus provides an inspiring activity spot for the many aspects of outdoor life by interacting with the surrounding landscape and reinforcing the relation between indoors and outdoors.
The wooden building reinforces the relation between indoors and outdoors by using large window sections and decorating the inner walls with solid wood. The wooden inner walls create a tactile atmosphere which is enhanced by the polished concrete floors. Just like the inner walls, the facade is made of solid wood elements. However, in contrary to the inner walls, the facade is painted black in order to create a cohesive expression and a clear contrast to the scenic surroundings.

"The Hindsgavl Nature Centre will become an active and attractive venue. In addition, the wooden building is economically and environmentally sustainable and interacts beautifully with the surrounding landscape."
Steen Dahlstrøm / Mayor of Middelfart