Headquarters for DANVA

The headquarters, entitled 'The House of Water', has been designed in close collaboration with DANVA in order to reflect the association’s sustainable mindset. Thus, the building not only minimises its energy demand. It also diverts rain water locally and thereby relieves the sewer systems, increases groundwater resources and contributes to biodiversity. Thanks to this eco-friendly architectonic concept, the building was awarded the Danish sustainable award 'Bæredygtig Beton Prisen 2011'.
The headquarters is located in the outskirts of Skanderborg and has been designed so that its bright, reflective exterior brightens up the surrounding urban landscape. In addition to horizontal glass sections and wooden strips, its exterior consists of perforated metal plates. The pixelated perforations appear at close range as abstract patterns, while they from a distance appear to form water motifs, which give the building an exciting, contemporary and technological expression that visualises DANVA’s work and values. 
The light but distinctive idiom also permeates the building’s interior, which is organised as a square volume around a light-emitting atrium where the water motifs are repeated in the form of teardrop-shaped ceiling lamps and where employees gather and the organisation is anchored in the building. The atrium creates visual contact between the three floors and expresses a socially viable message by appearing as the democratic heart of the building.

“The headquarters places emphasis on sustainability through an attractive, future-proof and rationally designed construction. In a spectacular way, the building demonstrates how concrete can contribute to significant solutions to the challenge of diverting rainwater locally.”
Chairman of the jury / Bæredygtig Beton Prisen 2011