Grenseveien 10

Grenseveien 10 is located in Ås south of Oslo. It is an industrial area currently wedging into the city and dividing it into two parts. By transforming industrial buildings into housing and using the close-by nature, the area will become a recreational urban area that connects the town once again and strengthens the local life and community.
A total of 379 dwellings are planned – divided into terraced houses and tower blocks encircled by parks and gardens. The dwellings are organised in four zones and separated from each other by a main street and small byways. A square will be located in the centre of the area, and there will be several playgrounds, whereas parking lots for the area’s residents will be located underground – in order to create an attractive and well-functioning urban space. This also provides room for new connections across the area and green outdoor spaces where children can play freely.
Two tower blocs will be located centrally in the area. Both built from Nordic materials like bricks and wood, thereby emphasizing the story of the area’s recreational features, while the contrast between the materials adds a dynamic atmosphere to the buildings. It will also provide the impression that the buildings protrude like modules which are mutually displaced and create an abundance of outdoor space – from green roofed terraces to open and covered balconies. The result is an open and dynamic construction that asserts itself as the new symbol of the neighbourhood.
Because the project proposal focuses on creating a good urban environment encircled by inspirational green areas, not all areas have been utilised to their full potential – a deliberate choice that ensures air and room for both recreational areas and varying urban spaces.  Combined, they create a wealth of opportunities for the residents in the area, and the existing green structure has therefore been protected and strengthened by the proposal.