Fredensborgveien 24

Housing construction is increasing in downtown Oslo, where it opens up new perspectives for creating attractive dwellings with private spaces – indoors and outdoors – in a dense and complex urban context.
The project features 48 apartments in two buildings, one with four, the other with six storeys. Both buildings are designed and set out to allow for good daylight conditions in all apartments and secluded balconies which provide a close interaction between indoors and outdoors. This contact with the surroundings mainly manifests itself in the uppermost apartments with roof terraces.
Due to the central location of the buildings in Oslo, the project carefully matches the dense and complex urban context. Both buildings have a private sphere which addresses the inner, southwest-facing courtyard. An intimate and recreational environmental which is emphasized by the facade surfaces being covered with incombustible wood. The facades facing the street and the public urban space are covered with bricks, while window frames and details are made from bronze.
This housing construction demonstrates a sense of good craftsmanship, solid materials and not least everyday life. This is also the reason why parking facilities have been removed from street level to underground, where basement parking is connected to the existing underground parking facilities of the neighbouring site. Upon arrival, the housing area therefore seems entirely car-free.