Fagerli School

Fagerli School is located in scenic surroundings at the foot of the mountains at Larvik. Not only, is it one of the largest public schools in Norway. It also challenges traditional boundaries, such that learning can flow easily between classroom and shared areas, and between indoors and outdoors – all with a focus on creating new opportunities to activate the children and stimulate their desire to learn.
The school houses four parallel classes from 1st form to 7th form, distributed in a composition of square buildings, which radiate from an indoor communal square in the direction of an outdoor activity landscape. In this way, the school provides the framework for an active and stimulating learning environment, where the composition of buildings opens up the school to the activity landscape in the south. Meanwhile, the multi-purpose hall has a more compact expression, facing the mountain in the north. The interaction between the staggered buildings invests the school with an evocative atmosphere, because the many passages between the buildings create space for informal social encounters and provide a variety of views across the indoor communal square out to the activity landscape.
The communal square is located at the heart of the school and serves on an everyday basis as an informal space, providing room for community and contemplation, and uniting the school together as a social and functional entity. This means that the communal square serves as a multifunctional space, in which the stairways create a wealth of niches and plateaus, around which the life of the school takes place. Each of the seven different school years has a floor to itself in the three square building volumes. In addition to the regular classes, the school also houses a kindergarten, a family centre and a multi-purpose hall.