Denmark’s Rowing Stadium

A rowing stadium in an international league of its own

Bagsværd, Denmark
Fonden Danmarks Rostadion
2,000 m2
In progress
Winning proposal in prequalified project competition in 2017
AART (management contractor)
E+E Arkitekter
Landscape architect
Viggo Madsen
Rostadion baadhal konk AART

Denmark’s Rowing Stadium at Bagsværd Lake will fulfil the vision of creating a rowing stadium in an international league of its own, where the sporting elite meets the broader public and where the classic rowing disciplines interact with other forms of sport amidst the intertwined environment of the forest and lake. The stadium stretches along the shore of Bagsværd Lake and contains a rowing centre as well as training and competition facilities with a judges’ tower and spectator stands.

Connecting the lake with the forest

The rowing centre is the focal point of the wide range of activities hosted under the stadium. Instead of being dug into the landscape, the centre is built up from the grid structure of the boathouse into a transparent building with wood facades. At the same time, the transition between the lake and forest is drawn right into the rowing centre, with the slope down to the lake flowing through the building and challenging the spatial senses with varying heights and constant access to views into the forest and across the lake.

Rostadion sø konk AART

Rising above the lake

A judges’ tower will be established in addition to the rowing centre. Inspired by the horizontality of the lake and the verticality of the forest, the sculptural wooden structure that is the tower rises above the lake. The vertical wooden slates reflect the architecture of the rowing centre, giving it a soaring appearance which contrasts to the horizontal lines of the spectator stands. The tower’s materials and simple forms allows it to integrate seamlessly with its surroundings while still remaining distinct from them, making it a visual landmark for those out on the lake. In addition, on the side facing the forest, the tower has an integrated climbing wall and wall bars for outdoor training. Together with the covered terrace, this makes the tower an ideal excursion point for a wide range of visitors.

Rostadion tribune konk AART
Rowing, canoeing and kayaking are sports disciplines where Denmark is among the best in the world. Today, we celebrate a huge milestone in a shared and longstanding desire for new, unique facilities for both recreational and elite sporting environments.
Frank Jensen / Lord Mayor of the City of Copenhagen and Chairman of Team Denmark
Rostadion rocenter konk AART
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