The Danish Immigration Service

The new domicile of the Danish Immigration Service is rounded by a deep sense of democracy. It has been created to strengthen the cooperation between the employees of the immigration service and to meet visitors to the citizen service centre with great dignity – all orchestrated in beautiful interaction with Næstved city centre.
The new domicile contains a large citizen service centre as well as an open office landscape for the approx. 400 employees of the Danish Immigration Service. While the citizen service centre is located on the ground floor, the office landscape covers five floors with a 360-degree view of the city and large roof terrace in connection with the canteen. Something unique for the office landscape is the way that it spreads across three connected atrium houses with great openness across functions and floors. This creates a bright and vibrant working environment. A working environment with a fine balance between knowledge sharing and professional immersion, where the work places are located along the facade on each floor, while meeting rooms, flex rooms, cafés and common areas are located at the atriums.
While the office landscape is design for knowledge sharing and professional immersion, the citizen service centre is designed to meet visitors with great dignity. This takes place through intuitive wayfinding, providing space for discretion and respect for the life situation of the visitors. This dignity is also expressed in a more classical, architectonic way, as there has been focus on the virtue of using honest, warm materials – inside as well as outside. Add to this the large scale, where the domicile has been scaled down to three atrium houses, slightly offset from each other and jointly with a sculptural quality that creates a fine balance between human and monumental features – beautiful, sturdy and stringent – and where the architecture expresses the authority of the Danish Immigration Service in a subtle and underplayed way.

The project creates an open and dynamic working environment with balance between knowledge sharing and professional immersion.
Excerpt from the Danish Building and Property Agency's mention of the winning proposal