The Comfort House

The Comfort House (in Danish, Komforthuset) has been designed as a development project for passive houses in visionary architecture and is located in Skibet, Denmark. The vision behind the Comfort House is to lift the construction of sustainable, single-family houses out of the traditional framework and demonstrate that care in relation to energy optimisation can pave the way for visionary architecture that appears intimate, inspiring and challenging.

The house has a prominent angle, varying roof pitches and integrated carport and shed, causing the house to appear as a unified and highly sculptural building form. The architecture is based on the location and its history, and there is a strong emphasis on drawing nature into the house to create close interaction with the natural surroundings.

The house has large, open common areas to the south to take advantage of the afternoon and evening sun, while the more private spaces are located to the north. The kitchen and main living areas are located on the first floor in order to maximise the opportunities to enjoy the view. In addition, large sections of glass facing south and southwest provides ample opportunities for diverse accommodation and panoramic views.

Extra insulation, windows and doors with a significantly reduced heat loss, high density in the structures and an efficient heat recovery and ventilation system not only ensure minimal energy consumption, but also a healthy indoor climate all year round. The sustainable focus is also reflected in the choice of materials. Solid wood elements are used for walls, floors separation and roof structures, while the facade is clad with Scandinavian spruce.

“The house is an example of a modern villa which demonstrates a beautiful and harmonious interpretation of single-family housing.”
Vejle Town Council / Vejle Award 2009