The Borregaard Head Office

As one of the world’s leading biorefineries, Borregaard works strategically on sharing and developing knowledge within sustainability. Thus, the new head office in Sarpsborg was designed from the idea that ideas arise, thoughts are shared and knowledge is developed when people meet.

The head office includes Borregaard’s top management, as well as 100 of the company’s 1700 employees. The building was designed to share and develop knowledge, which you will see upon entering the lobby with an atrium, opening up the interior of the building, in order to create a social centre of gravity across floors and functions. From the lobby, you have a clear view to the conference rooms, rising as sculptural room elements, cladded with wood as a reference to wood being the sustainable raw material of Borregaard.
In order to support Borregaard’s sustainable brand, the head office is built on a holistic principle, making energy-optimised solutions an integrated part of the overall architectural look. This has resulted in a compact building that ensures an optimal ratio between minimum surface and maximum volume. The long atrium further pulls daylight far into the building, reducing the need for artificial light, while the pixel structure of the facade creates a fascinating play of light during the day, all year through.