Bispebjerg Hospital

With its bright wards and sensory gardens, Bispebjerg Hospital is one of the earliest and most beautiful examples of healing architecture in Denmark. With our proposal for the new acute care centre, we further develop the original visions. However, we do so on a new foundation based on the latest health and building technology, which goes hand in hand with a nuanced insight into the site and its history.
In addition to supporting the coherent continuity of care, our proposal for the acute care centre will create a synergy between the architecture and the landscape as well as the hospital and the surrounding city. Hence, in our proposal we have attached importance to allowing functional, sustainable and sensually stimulating solutions to reinforce each other – closely aligned with the original master plan for the historic Bispebjerg Hospital.
With the proposal, we complete the original master plan by designing six pavilions in the form of rectangular brick buildings, which are adapted to the context as an extension of the historic building structure. Beautiful proportions, human scale, detail and varied masonry motifs characterise the buildings – all with a focus on providing a sense of calm and a life-affirming atmosphere in our desire to enhance the patients’ ability to recover.
On the outside, the acute care centre preserves the beautiful green surroundings, while internally it offers a high level of service and optimal logistics. Beautifully integrated into the green landscape, the extended Bispebjerg Hospital thus emerges as an oasis in the city – ranging from the existing pavilions built in the national romantic style and scenic surrounding to the new acute care centre, which adds new qualities to the hospital.