Acute Care Centre

The new acute care centre at Viborg Hospital expresses a holistic approach to hospital architecture where functional and sensuous solutions are mutually reinforcing. Based on a sophisticated organization and further development of the clinical structure, the vision behind the new acute care centre is to create a holistic hospital construction, where functional and sensuous solutions are combined into a whole. Thus the goal is to create an efficient and flexible hospital with a human presence and strong architectural statement.
In order to create an efficient workflow for the staff and a secure flow of patients, the acute care centre is divided into two tracks: a public track containing each department’s reception and waiting areas, as well as a screened department track providing the framework for the departments on each floor. In this way, the transportation of lying patients is screened from the public zone, which not only provides an effective workflow for the staff, but also secure and respectful environment for the patients.
The new acute care centre is six storeys and is placed right next to the existing hospital. Building wings stretch towards the landscape to the east to take advantage of the views of the city, the lake and the green open spaces. Inspired by the unique location on the range of hills in the heart of the city, the interaction with context as a recurring theme in the design of the new acute care centre which offers patients, relatives and personell a captivating view of the surroundings from each floor of the building.
The close relation to the surroundings is reflected in the many terraces, roof gardens and courtyards that provide direct access and visibility to the green, recreational outdoor spaces on all floors. In addition, the new main entrance and lobby offer a unique view of the lake and creates an entirely new arrival experience to the hospital.


"The project is very carefully worked out and provides a good patient and staff flow, focusing on integrity and efficiency."
The jury report / Central Denmark Region