Aarhus Central Station

An intense and inspiring traffic hub

Aarhus, Denmark
Winning proposal in 2016
Preliminary studies
Gottlieb Paludan Architects
Aarhus Hovedbanegard Aarhus AART 2

The winning proposal opens up new perspectives on creating an intense and inspiring traffic hub that allows for the flow and the emotions associated with one of Denmark's largest railway stations - while preparing the railway station for the electrification of the Danish railways.

Meets the needs of the future

The winning proposal highlights the possibility of preparing the railway station for the electrification of the Danish railways - an electrification that places new demands on the existing building in relation to creating the necessary headroom for the future traction current system. In addition, the possibility of expanding with a new track and improving the flow of people in and around the railway station is highlighted.

Aarhus Hovedbanegard Aarhus AART 4

18 million people

For Aarhus Central Station is one of Denmark's most condensed traffic hubs - with more than 8 million passengers and 10 million shoppers moving each year through the station to and from the Bruuns Galleri Shopping Center. It places great demands on the design of the railway station, where the focus must be on the rapid change, while at the same time telling the story of Aarhus as an open and vibrant city. The winning proposal therefore shows how it is possible to open the walking hall visually towards the platforms, give the view back to Bruun's Bridge and let the flow define both the walking hall and the shape of the bridge.

Aarhus Hovedbanegard Aarhus AART 1

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