Aalborg University Hospital

The proposal for the new Aalborg University Hospital is designed as strong, sensuous and significant building complex which achieves the highest architectural quality and offers treatment and research facilities of international format. At the same time the sensuous details and clear overview make the patients and employees feel welcome and comfortable.
In order to ensure effective working procedures and the best possible flexibility, the wards and treatment facilities are placed along a through-going hospital street, so the different specialities are made visible and are able to exhange area in the short and long run. It also applies for the research facilities which are placed near the patient treamt facilities. In addition, the auditorium is placed by the main entrance in order to highlight the hospital’s researchbased qualities.
The proposal attaches great importance to the close contact with the surrounding nature, as research shows that green surroundings have a positive impact of the wellbeing and ability to recover. Therefore, the building complex is designed as an open and dynamic structure which interacts with and stretches out towards the rolling countryside.
In this way, the close contact with nature has lead to a clear, architectural concept, consisting of a rustic base of bright concrete on which a light comb structure of vertical wards is placed. In addition, the through-going, high-ceilinged hospital street links together all functions and provides a clear overview for the patients and employees.

”The design and choice of material appear beautiful and characterful. The proposal’s linear composition along the central hospital street combine effective logistics with a clear overview and great spatial qualities.”
Jury report / The North Denmark Region